Driving change at your business is an ambitious endeavor. The transitional and transactional realms of business can distract you from the core day to day operations. Our team at Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors is experienced in navigating those uncharted waters and can help you manage risk, seize opportunities and maximize the valuation of your largest asset, your company.

We believe the best way to help our customers is to build meaningful relationships and work with them to explore, leverage and execute potential opportunities where passion and purpose come together--- the owner's "passion" for his company, and Masthead's purpose of "furthering the strategy.”

We will do this by leveraging all our expertise and resources, both internal and external, to execute transactions that further the mission of your company.


Financial Advisory

Help companies develop their financial comprehension beyond their general ledger.

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Strategic Planning

Knowing where your business is now and optimizing it for the future.

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Transaction Navigation

Navigating the transactions that will support you and your business initiatives.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality work, and team to propel our customers towards their goals to enable long term sustainable growth.

Our Core Market

Lower Middle Market Businesses, Family Owned Businesses, Institutional Investors, Private Equity Firms.

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