Fractional Banker

From startups to established businesses growth can demand capital from additional equity or debt. Masthead can be your outsourced “Fractional Banker”. Banking and Capital Resources are critical components to the success of any business. Making sure you have access to the right resources and the right time, with the least amount of impact on your business is where we add value. We work to validate the correct type and amount of capital required for YOUR business. We will help you secure the appropriate resources and manage those resources so you can concentrate on the things that matter – running your business!

Don't Let The Capital Sources Dictate Your Strategy. Masthead Financial & Capitals Advisors makes the capital sources fit the Company needs.

• Bring calmness to the situation.
• Reduce the time pressure.
• Help make the best decisions with the least interruptions

Timing is Critical – Plan in Advance

Banks are great at providing loans to companies that don’t need the money and NOT great when companies do need the money


Assess Company Strategic Initiatives & Comprehensive Plan

We assess your company's initiatives to provide all resources to your business when needed.

2 Determine which Banking & Capital Resources are Best Fit

We determine which resources are the right fit for your business to provide long-term relationships.

3 Create Submission Packages

We will create submission packages for your submission to these resources.

4 Negotiate For the Best Terms

We will negotiate the best terms for the company on your behalf for your ease of mind.

5 Work with Company to get the Deal Closed

We will work with both sides of the transaction to make sure the deal closes in a timely manner.

6 Ongoing Financial & Advisory Services

Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors will provide ongoing financial and advisory services after the deal closes for an easy transition process.


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