Transaction Services

Looking beyond the horizon to see what comes next can be difficult for many business owners who get lost working "in" the business and not "on" the business.  Let us help you navigate the transitions and transactions that will support you and your business initiatives.  Whether you are selling your business, buying a business, or raising capital, we can steer you through the waters safely to your destination.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Buy and sell side planning, target/buyer identification, due diligence and deal execution.

Technical Accounting & Finance

Financial Reporting and compliance, Valuations, Financial Planning and CFO consulting.

Due Diligence and Data Room Development

Seeking to acquire or preparing for sale. Preparation is the key to finding a way to convey the value of your company and evaluate the true value of others.

Getting an early start can ensure that the questions are evaluated early enough to be able to defend the answers and demonstrate the full value of the company you have built over your lifetime.

Capital Markets

Access to private debt/equity providers, venture capital and alternative financing sources.

Growth Strategy

Joint Ventures & Strategic partnerships, market entry, technology and customer acquisition.

Deal Structuring

Deals can be put together a million different ways. Knowing what works best for you is most important. Having a team to guide and structure your deals in ways you haven’t thought about can create significant value.


Buy Side M&A:  Full service buy side M&A advisory including - initial deal screening, deal analysis, LOI, due diligence, capital raise, closing, post close integration.

Sell Side Preparation:  Getting your company ready to go to market.

Succession Execution:  Management Buyout, Partner Buyout, Family Transition - Planning & Capitalizing the succession of a closely held business.

Strategic Projects & Expansion:  Pulling together the resources to help businesses execute their strategic initiatives.


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