Financial services that help grow your business

When opportunities arise that can take your company to the next level, Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors will give your business the financial guidance and resources it needs. We can help you chart the course that takes those opportunities to their fullest advantage.

We offer Fractional CFO advisory services helping companies develop their financial comprehension beyond their general ledger. Providing usable data that will allow you to make executive decisions that are meaningful to the financial position of your business. By being proactive vs. reactive, you chart a course that leads to financial sustainability.  Masthead CFO's help a company with specific challenges or goals on a customized project basis and beyond.

Many middle-market business owners don't need a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) but do need a strong controller for compliance and reporting. These same owners need Strategic CFO advice on a timely on-demand basis. They need an advisor who can address creating sales, margin, profits, cash flow, and business value.

All of our Fractional CFO’s have also had experience working with business owners in buying or selling their businesses. We educate the owners about their exit or acquisition options to assist in preparing their company to maximize the value of the transaction.  We also help overcome financial challenges, achieve growth, optimize strategy, implement systems, raise capital, and navigate an audit.

We work hand in hand with your team to elevate the financial positioning of your business.

Our relationships range from weekly to monthly to annual meetings, as it best serves the client.

Fractional CFO

Comprehensive Historical Financial Analysis

Better understanding of your business from a financial perspective.


A complete analysis of a company's future financial outlook.

Budgeting/Cash Flow Management

Developing a financial plan with an eye towards growth.

Financial Metrics

Assessing a company's financial position to improve profitability.

Create Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I.) that help you stay on track.


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