Strategic Planning is about knowing where your business is now and optimizing it for the future.

Optimization of your business’s potential requires a reasoned approach. Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors’s depth and broad industry experience brings a variety of strategic thought processes to help you find the best solutions to grow and transition your business. It offers the opportunity to establish priorities and know where to focus company energy and resources, improve operational efficiencies, and create a unified vision for the company and ensure that everyone is working towards those common goals.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Company Valuations
  • Business Acquisitions/ Advance M&A Services
    • Strategic & Investor Acquisitions
    • Partner or Management Buyout
    • Family Succession & Capitalization
  • Business Exit Situations/ Exit Planning
    • Mergers & Acquisition
    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
    • Investor Buyout
    • Preparing a company for sale
  • Capitalization Assessment & Optimization Strategies
  • Value Creation Initiatives
  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence for Buyers and Sellers
Strategic Planning 1


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