Make Your Banking Relationship Work for YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Finding the right resources to help your business be successful is IMPORTANT. Making Your Banking Relationship Work FOR YOU is critical!!! We will talk about the types of resources, how to obtain them, negotiating the best deals and how to handle tough situations when things go wrong…

– How to determine the best banking relationship for your business.
– Key Challengers in Finding the Right Resources
– Knowing what you need is half the battle…
– Understand what your Bank/Capital Provider needs from you
– How does your Business measure up?
– Negotiating the best terms that fit YOUR NEEDS
– Making sure you have cushion in your structure
– Do you have access to additional resources to help your business in the future?
– What to do when things go wrong and/or your business hits a speed bump with your relationship?
– What can the banks demand of you when things go wrong?
– How to protect YOUR business when your banking relationship shifts.

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