Ignite Business Growth: Explore Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors’ CFO / COO as a Service

In the fast-paced realm of business, navigating financial complexities while striving for growth can be a daunting task. Yet, at Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors, we specialize in providing the vital fuel for businesses—Cash Flow and Capital. Our unique approach combines expertise, capital access, and a dedicated team to propel your business forward. Let’s delve deeper into how our CFO / COO as a service can ignite your journey to success.

Why Choose Masthead:

  • Proven Expertise: Our team boasts over two decades of practical experience, having facilitated 200+ transactions totaling more than $1B in enterprise value. We possess an intimate understanding of value creation, guiding you to prioritize resources for maximum ROI impact.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, CEO, or Small Business Owner, we offer bespoke solutions to enhance cash flow, profitability, and overall company value. From initial investments to exit strategies, we’re adept at optimizing outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Support: From CFO and COO expertise to analytical prowess, our in-house team is equipped to drive tangible results for your investments. We’re not just advisors; we’re true partners committed to your success.

Unique Approach:

  • Holistic Alignment: Strategy without team alignment is futile. We collaborate closely with your organization, ensuring everyone is united towards improved financial performance and liquidity.
  • Actionable Insights: Armed with unbiased assessments and actionable strategies, we empower you to make informed decisions and instigate meaningful change within your organization.
  • Full Spectrum Services: Whether it’s strategic planning, M&A advisory, or capital management, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your business needs.


  • Fractional CFO and Business Consulting: Navigate strategic opportunities with professional financial guidance.
  • Strategic Projects and Expansion: Execute strategic goals efficiently with our comprehensive plans and resources.
  • Financial Strategic Planning: Build detailed budgets, forecasts, and cash flow analytics for sustainable growth.
  • Business Analysis: Identify gaps, opportunities, and actionable plans for business enhancement.
  • Buy Side M&A: From deal screening to post-close integration, we offer full-service buy-side advisory.
  • Sell Side Readiness: Prepare your business for success with thorough reporting and valuations.
  • Succession Execution: Plan and execute smooth transitions for closely held businesses.
  • Capital Management and Sourcing: Optimize capital structure and source debt capital for operational excellence.

At Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors, we’re more than just consultants—we’re your catalysts for success. With a wealth of experience, tailored solutions, and a commitment to driving tangible results, we’re ready to ignite your business growth with Masthead’s CFO / COO as a service. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking new heights of success.

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For further inquiries, please reach out to Robert Hanger, Managing Partner, at bhanger@mastheadfca.com.