Strengthening CEO-CFO Alignment: Insights on Priorities and Risks

In a recent Forbes article by Jim DeLoach, titled “Research Reveals Where CFOs and Boards Align and Diverge on Priorities and Risks,” illuminating findings about the alignment and disparities between CFOs and boards are spotlighted. The article delves into crucial aspects such as strategic priorities, risk management, and the evolving relationship between CFOs and CEO business owners.

DeLoach discusses a study by Deloitte and Corporate Board Member magazine, shedding light on perspectives of CFOs and board members from diverse industries. Despite alignment on priorities like digital transformation and talent management, notable differences exist in how CFOs and CEOs perceive risks and prioritize initiatives.

One significant takeaway is the evolving role of CFOs in tandem with CEO business owners, moving beyond financial stewardship to strategic leadership. While CFOs prioritize areas like technology investment and talent acquisition for growth, CEOs emphasize risk oversight and regulatory compliance. Effective communication and collaboration between CFOs and CEOs are vital for achieving organizational goals.

Additionally, the article underscores aligning risk management strategies with strategic objectives. While CFOs focus on financial risks, CEOs are concerned about broader enterprise risks like cybersecurity. Bridging this gap requires a holistic approach to risk management integrating financial and non-financial considerations.

The article provides invaluable insights into dynamics between CFOs and CEOs in navigating strategic priorities and managing risks. It’s a compelling resource for finance professionals and CEO business owners seeking to enhance collaboration and drive sustainable growth in today’s complex business landscape. Visit Forbes for the full article by Jim DeLoach.